Colesville Tennis Ladder - Proposed 2006 Aug-Sep Tournament Draws              
If you have no complaints with your draw(s), please contact your opponent ASAP.        
Each Player or Team should bring a new can of USTA approved        
tennis balls to the match. Winner(s) keep the new can.            
Please email results to or enter them   here or call 301-595-5744.      
Click  on  most  names  to  get emails, phone#s or go   here        
Mens-3.5-4.0 A Open - 3.5 - 4.0 B   Open - 3.0 - 3.5       Womens     Mixed  
Singles     Singles       Singles         Singles     Doubles  
4 players   6 players       8 players         4 players     2 teams  
Semi Finals Final   Round 1 Semis Final   Round 1 Semis Final     Semis Final   Final  
1.Festes       1.Charles       1.Richard     Barry     Sabrina Cobb  
Okoya   Johnson     Green     Remley     Shaun Pindell  
    Alfred                     Thanh
by Aug 21 Festes   Sesay by Charles   by Aug 21 Thanh   by Aug 27  Barry   Thanh Bui Mary
  default     31-Aug 61,76     61,26,64         Mary Pham 64,75
3.Robert     by 21-Aug         4.Thanh     Laura        
Chandler        Vernon       Bui     Sherwood      
  by     4.Vernon default         by Thanh     by  
  Aug   Clayton   by       Aug 75,63     Sep  
4.Dave 31       Sep Karl   3.Dean 31     Marilyn 11  
Whitman     Shawn   21 75,26,75   Ogata       Decker    
26-Aug Dave           8/18 2pm Dean     by Aug 28 Marilyn  
  36,60,76(6) 27-Aug Karl       60,62       61,62    
2.Ronnie     default     Marilyn       Taffy      
Scher   3.Karl       Decker   by Thanh   Turner      
  Holovach by Karl     Sep 62,62        
Festes Okoya and   31-Aug 63,75   Jim   11      
Karl Holovach are members of the       Turner      
Greenbelt Tennis Association Ladder: 2.Jose       Bautista     by Aug 21  Jim    
Click  here           Brandon      
to see the email that was sent to       Clayton      
all participants on Thursday Aug 10.         by Chris    
              Aug default    
If you have suggestions on other     Emil 31    
draws (like how to team up players     Mesina      
that signed up for doubles without                
partners) or if you have questions     by Aug 21 Chris        
or other suggestions please       75,62        
call 301-595-5744 or send     2.Chris          
email         Ratnayake