Sunday April 17,2011 Round Robin:
It rained on Saturday 4/16, So the RR was moved from Sat to Sun.

Sunday Morning Estimates: Temp=56 Winds=18 mph.

Only 5 players participated, perhaps because it was Palm Sunday and windy.

There were two sessions:

08:00-10:00 Session

Farshid Moghimi/Rich Majewski vs John Cannizzo/Floyd Stecker
Farshid & Rich won the first set 6-3 and the players were tied 3-3
in the second but Farshid had to leave
so the match will be continued sometime.

10:00-12:00 session

Alfred Sesay/Rich Majewski vs John Cannizzo/Floyd Stecker
Alfred and Rich won the first two sets 6-2,6-2 but
John and Floyd won the 3rd set 6-2.
Games won in the first set counted for one point each.
Games won in the second set counted for two points each.
Games won in the third set counted for three points each.
So the players were tied at 24 points each.

Thanks for playing.

Sunday April 17
Doubles Round Robins

Non-CTL members and
All Levels Welcome!

Every team'll play 4-8
games with every other team
depending on how many teams
and levels there are.
9:00 am ~ noon

Please sign up on this page
or email or 301-595-5744.

3928 Greencastle Rd


(if nobody beats us to the courts)