Men's Singles B League
Winner is the one who plays the most matches.
(Please email or 301-595-5744 if you want to drop out, change partners or replace drop outs.)
(Everyone will probably not play all 7 matches)
(A win by default is considerd a match played for the winner)
Email or 301-595-5744 Match Results

Cancelled. No contact info for Al Laich or Nathaniel Grant.
1.Bob Johnson 3.0
2.Al Laich 3.5
3.Nathaniel Grant 3.5
4.Vernon Clayton 3.5
Everybody should play a best of 3-set
match against their 3 opponents.
One match every 10 days.
Please use the following schedule
so everybody finishes around the same time:
Play ByWho plays who
1.Aug 27   1-2   3-4
2.Sep 06   1-3   2-4
3.Sep 16   1-4   2-3
Please email or 301-595-5744 results after every match.
Please play ahead of schedule if you can.
To encourage players to contact each other,
the player that does not make the first contact for the match,
should provide a can of new USTA approved balls.
Most players email and phone numbers are here.
But I don't know how to contact Nathaniel Grant or Al Laich. Sorry.
Again, the winner is the player that plays the most matches.
If there is a tie then the player that wins the most matches,
then sets, then games.
Winner gets a pair of CTL flip-flops
or two cans of tennis balls.