Jan 16,2010 Social Proposed Schedule UNDER CONSTRUCTION
20 minute sessions!!! But (click)

Six more 8:40 starters wanted: Email or 301-595-5744.
Are players getting enough variety? (click)
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If there are suggestions for changes please Email or 301-595-5744.
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The schedule is set up for 20 minute sessions
but most/some people probably prefer 40 minutes.
I prefer 20 but I probably won't even play.
Send an email if you prefer 40 minutes
or try changing the schedule to give yourself
two 20s in a row with the same players.
And let's see if and how this works.

After you make a change you should be shown how much variety players are getting (click)
I think all of us would like a variety of different players but not a variety of abilities.
We all prefer players of our own level.
Unfortunately this random schedule gives variety of players of different abilities.
Let's change it so there are less variety of players and more matches with players of similar abilities?


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