Colesville Tennis Ladder - February 14, 2009 - St. Valentine's Day - Social  
Gray Names at 10:20-midnight are suggested "extra credit" matches.  
These players have already played two hours and may not want to play.  
Get on the Wait List: 301-595-5744  
Last updated Saturday 4:30 pm: 9:00 6B MartinP not WillWong!!    
Please turn in your scores for better scheduling next time & for FREE Level Analysis  
Free Level/Rating Analysis using scores from the social: 301-595-5744  
Another Format is here: (here)      
  Court 1 Score Court 2 Score Court 3 Score Court 4 Score Court 5 Score Court 6 Score
  NataliaK   Verlinda   TaffyT   LisaI   JenLiu   GnetC  
6:00 TomBald   FloydS   JimT   RodneyR   StvLiu   AsifRas  
  GenLynn   MichCim   PiHuaS   KarenG   Debra6   JeanRes  
  HoraceM   Farshid   GeorgeG   DennisW   Ernie6   JohnCan  
  Debra6   NataliaK   TaffyT   LisaI   JenLiu   JeanRes  
6:30 Ernie6   Farshid   JimT   FloydS   StvLiu   HoraceM  
  GnetC   KarenG   MichCim   PiHuaS   GenLynn   Verlinda  
  TomBald   DennisW   RodneyR   AsifRas   JohnCan   GeorgeG  
  BhanuR   KarenG   TaffyT   GenLynn   JenLiu   Debra6  
7:00 DenGot   DennisW   JimT   Farshid   StvLiu   Ernie6  
  MichCim   JewelH   Verlinda   GnetC   LiChen   AdelG  
  MarkDM   HoraceM   AsifRas   RodneyR   TomBald   JohnCan  
  MeiLui   PiHuaS   TaffyT   SamS   JenLiu   BhanuR  
7:40 ChiLui   LiChen   JimT   JohnCan   StvLiu   GeorgeG  
  Debra6   NataliaK   LisaI   MarkDM   CorettaE   GenLynn  
  Ernie6   JeanRes   MartinP   TomBald   MikeEd   FloydS  
  PiHuaS   LisaI   Verlinda   JeanRes   AdelG   JosephA  
8:20 TirosL   GeorgeG   RodneyR   DerekW   FloydS   AsifRas  
  MichCim   NataliaK   JewelH   KarenG   GnetC   WillWong  
  BrettH   GregH   DenGot   DennisW   HoraceM   Farshid  
  CharlesT   ChiLui   JewelH   MeiLui   TeresaW   DenGot  
9:00 MarilynT   MikeEd   MarkDM   BhanuR   AsifMir   DavidC  
  LiChen   Ernie9   JulieW   CorettaE   AdelG   EmmettJ  
  MikSchtz   SamS   AlfredS   Debra9   StanO   MartinP  
  DavidC   CorettaE   JosephA   JulieW   MarilynT   GregH  
9:40 BrettH   MikeEd   AsifMir   MartinP   CharlesT   TirosL  
  DerekW   Debra9   EmmettJ   TeresaW   MeiLui   SamS  
  MikSchtz   Ernie9   AlfredS   WillWong   ChiLui   StanO  
  BrettH   HoraceM   MarilynT       TeresaW      
10:20 StanO   TirosL   CharlesT   DerekW   BrettH   GregH  
  WillWong   MikSchtz   Debra9   JulieW   DavidC      
      AsifMir   Ernie9   EmmettJ   JosephA   AlfredS  
  MarkDM   MeiLui   MarilynT   MartinP   TeresaW   EmmettJ  
11:00 GenLynn   ChiLui   CharlesT   AsifRas   TirosL   GregH  
  NataliaK   JulieW   BrettH   JosephA   DavidC   WillWong  
  GeorgeG   SamS   AsifMir   StanO   AlfredS   MikSchtz  
  MarkDM   ChiLui   JosephA   MartinP   AsifMir   JulieW  
11:30     SamS   AsifRas   BrettH   WillWong   MeiLui  
      CharlesT   DavidC   EmmettJ   AlfredS   TeresaW  
      TirosL   GregH   MikSchtz   StanO   MarilynT