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by 6 6 7 7 8 9 9 0 1 1 | Colesville Tennis Ladder
Nickname 0 3 0 4 2 0 4 2 0 3 | January 12,2008 Social
Nicname Real Name ntrp 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 | Proposed Schedule
AJTuck AJ Tuckley 3.2 1a 1b   1b 5b             Last Updated: Saturday 2:00 pm
AlexS Alex Sherman 2.5         3a   6b 3b 4A 4A  
AsifM Asif Mirza 3.5           3a 2a 6b 1A 1A   Another Format of
AudreyB Audrey Binder 3.2         6a   3b 2a 2A 4B of This Schedule
Bernard Bernard Harris 4.0 3b 1a 2b   6a             (Click)
Chandra C. Stokes 3.3 2a 3a 2a   5a            
ChiLui Chi Lui 3.5 1b 6b 6b 6b             Please 301-595-5744 or
CliffH Cliff Hunte 3.5           6a 1a 5b 3B 1B   ctlad@yahoo.com
CliftW Clifton Wynter 3.5 3a 5b 3a   5a           Y requests for changes
CyrilB Cyril Bright 3.6       3b   4b 1b   1A 1A and suggestions
DaveRud Dave Ruderman 3.5           5b 2b 3b 1B 3B   or if you want to play more
DeanO Dean Ogata 3.0           6a 4a 3a 5B 5B   or less than you are scheduled.
DenDaw Dennis Dawson 3.5 4a 4a 4a 4a              
DenGot Dennis Gotcher 3.0 4a 2b 3b 3a              
DonnaGH DonnaGraham Harris 3.0 5b 2a 2b   3b            
DonW Don White 3.2     4b   1b 4a   6A       Other Jan 12 Tennis:
EllieH Ellie Hochman 3.5     5b   5b 1a   5A       Tennis Center at College Park
Emmett Emmett Jordan 3.1 6a 1b   5b 2b             Social from 7-11 pm
GeoG George Gillian 3.5 3b 4b 6a   2?             http://www.greenbelt.com/tennis
GnetC Jeanette Cartron 3.5 5b 5a 4a 6a              
JaniceA Janice Asaka 3.0 5a 4b   1a 4a             About this schedule:
JeanRes Jean Restuccia 3.5 6a 5b 5a 3a              
JewelH Jewel Harmon 3.2           4a 3b 4b 5B 5B   a's and b's after court numbers
Jillian Jillian DaCosta 3.0           4b 6b 5b 5A 6A   are recommended partners.
JohnMcM John McManus 3.5 3a 3a 5a 6a               For example the two 6a's are
JosephA Joseph Ajayi 3.0 6b 3b 1b 2b               recommended partners
JoshA Josh Asaka 4.0 4b 3b   1a 4a             at a particular time on court 6.
JoyF Joy Faniyi 3.0 1b 2a 4b 2a             Y
JPaul Jean Paul 3.5           3a 6a 1a 1B 3B   Capital A and B means suggested
JulianB Julian Boyce 4.0       4b   2a 4b   3B 1B   extra play (beyond 2 hours)
JulieB Julie Burns 3.5       3b   1b 3a   2B 2B  
JuneD June Dea 3.3 5a 6a   1b 6b             Please use ball racks
KenB Ken Bransford 3.5       4b   5a 2b   6? 5?   to keep score when it does
KimC Kim Crawley 3.0     1a   4b 5b   2A       not slow down play.
KipB Kip Barbee 3.0     1a   3b 6b   1B      
LeeGold Lee Goldberg 3.0           2b 2a 1a 4B 2A   If the score is 4-0 please put a
LisaI Lisa Ingraham 3.0 2b 1a 3a 2b             Y tennis ball on the top of the
MeiLui Mei-Moy Lui 3.0 6b 6b 6b 6b               ball rack as a signal that there
MelHow Melvin Howard 3.5           3b 4a 6b 3A 3A   is a bad combo of players.
MichCim Michele Cimbala 3.0 1a 4a 3b 5a               (and/or call 301-785-0826)
MikeS Mike Schultz 3.4 4b 5a 1b   1a             Maybe we can switch players
PamB Pam Bowman 3.5       5a   1b 4b   2B 2B   from other courts.
PatB Pat Bransford 3.0       2a   5a 3a   6? 5?  
PeterR Peter Regner 3.6     5b   6b 2b   1B      
SamS Sam Shaibani 3.5     2a   1a 3b   5A       Please turn in your scores for
SiafaS Siafa Sherman 3.0         3a   5b 4a 4A 4A   better scheduling next time.
SorinaH Sorina Hirrel 2.9         2a   6a 2b 6B 6B  
StanO Stan Okumura 3.5 2b 6a   4a 1b            
SusanG Susan Greenwood 3.3         2b   1b 4a 5A 6A Y Please arrive 15 minutes
Tammy Tammy Peyton 3.5           1a 1a 2b 2A 4B   before your start time,
ThedraW Thedra White 3.0 2a 2b 6a 5b               especially 6:00 starters.
TimH Tim Hirrel 3.3         4b   5b 4b 6B 6B  
TomB Tom Baldino 3.2           2a 5a 3a 4B 2A   Please consider playing
VernC Vernon Clayton 3.5           6b 5a 6a 3A 3A   NO-AD.
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