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  by 6 6 7 7 8 9 9 0 1 1 | Colesville Tennis Ladder
  Nickname 0 3 0 4 2 0 4 2 0 3 | February 9,2008
Nicname Real Name ntrp 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 | Proposed Schedule
AJTuck AJ Tuckley 3.2     3b 2b   1b   2A        
AlexC Alex Clem 3.2 2a 3a 6b 2a             Y Last Updated: Saturday 29 12:30 pm
AlexS Alex Sherman 2.5         3a   3b 4b 3B 3B   Replace AlfredS with MikeS.
AlfredS Alfred Sesay 3.5 3b 5a 2a 1a               Move AlfredS to 6:00
AudreyB Audrey Binder 3.2         6a   5a 3a 3B 5A  
Bernard Bernard Harris 3.9 4b 5b 1a 3a               Another Format of 
Chandra C. Stokes 3.5     5b   1a 4b   5b       of This Schedule
ChrisR Chris Ratnayake 3.4           1b 2b 6b 4B 3A   (Click)
CyrilB Cyril Bright 3.5       2b   2a 4b   2B 6B  
DaveM Dave Mount 3.5 4a 4a 4a   5a             Please 301-595-5744 or
DeanO Dean Ogata 3.0           5a 1b 2b 2A 3A   ctlad@yahoo.com
DenGot Dennis Gotcher 3.0 1b 3a   1b 1a             requests for changes
DonnaGH Donna GrahamHarris 3.0 1b 2a 6b 3a               and suggestions
Emmett Emmett Jordan 3.2 5a 5b 5a 6b               or if you want to play more
EstherJ Esther Josties 3.5 2a 2b 5a   6b             or less than you are scheduled.
Farshid Farshid Moghimi 3.0 2b 1a 2a 4a              
GeoG George Gillian 3.5 3b 2a   2a 2b            
GnetC Jeanette Cartron 3.5 5b 4b   1b 4b             Another Feb 9 Social at
Horace Horace Martin 3.0         3b 2b 6b 1A 4B 1B   Tennis Center at College Park
JeanRes Jean Restuccia 3.5 2b 5a 4b   4a             from 7-11 pm
JerryJ Jerry Josties 3.5 1a 4b 2b   6b             (Click)
Jessica Jessica Bond 3.5           4a 1a 3b 1A 1A  
Jillian Jillian DaCosta 3.0     3a   5b 3b   3a       About this schedule:
JimT Jim Turner 3.0 6a 6a 6a 6a                
JohnMcM John McManus 3.5 5b 1b 4b   6a             a's and b's after court numbers
JohnO John Oubre 3.0 6b 2b 2b 5b               are recommended partners.
JosephA Joseph Ajayi 3.0 4b 3b 3b 5a               For example the two 6a's are
JPaul Jean Paul 3.5 3a 1a 1b   5b              recommended partners
JulieB Julie Burns 3.5       1a   4a 5b   5A 4B   at a particular time on court 6.
JuneD June Dea 3.4 6b 1b   3b 1b            
KevinA Kevin Alexander 3.3 5a 3b   3b 2b             Capital A and B means suggested
KevinD Kevin Detherage 3.5           6a 6a 6a 6A 6A   extra play (beyond 2 hours)
KimC Kim Crawley 3.0       4b   5b 2a   3A 1B  
KipB Kip Barbee 3.0       4b   1a 3a   2B 4B   Please use ball racks
LarryB Larry Bivins 3.0           3a 1b 1a 3A 2B   to keep score when it does
LeeGold Lee Goldberg 3.0 3a 6b 5b 5a               not slow down play.
LiChen Li-Chuan Chen 3.1 4a 4a 4a   5a            
LisaI Lisa Ingraham 3.0 1a 6b   4a 3b   5a       Y If the score is 4-0 please put a
Marlene Marlene Paucar 3.5       6b   4b 6b   2A 5A   tennis ball on the top of the
MelHow Melvin Howard 3.5           2b 4a 5b 6B 3B   ball rack as a signal that there
MelWms Melvin Williams 3.4           6a 6a 6a 6A 6A   is a bad combo of players
MichCim Michele Cimbala 3.0           5a 5b 5a 1B 2A   and/or call 301-785-0826(cell).
MikeS Mike Schultz 3.5     3a   2a 5b   6B       Maybe we can switch players
PeterR Peter Regner 3.5     1a   4b 2a   4A     Y from other courts.
Rajnish Rajnish Sinha 3.5         4a   4b 2b 4A 4A  
Roberto Roberto Paucar 2.4       5b   3b 3a   4A 5B  
SamS Sam Shaibani 3.5     1b   2a 6b   5A       Please turn in your scores for
SiafaS Siafa Sherman 3.0         3a   1a 2a 5B 6B   better scheduling next time.
SusanG Susan Greenwood 3.0           3a 2b 4a 1A 4A  
TaffyT Taffy Turner 3.0 6a 6a 6a 6a               Please arrive 15 minutes
tbd1 vacant 0.0             3b 1b 5A 1A   before your start time,
tbd2 vacant 0.0               1b 5B 2B   especially 6:00 starters.
tbd3 vacant 0.0               3b 1B 5B  
TomB Tom Baldino 3.3         1b 6b 2a         Please consider playing
VernC Vernon Clayton 3.5           1a 4a 4b 6B 2A   NO-AD.
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