Colesville Tennis Ladder
October 13 Social
8:00 am - 4:00 pm
Directions: Click
here .
3928 Greencastle Road

Six Courts

(somebody almost beat us to them)
(includes food, drinks, balls, courts)
All Levels &
Non-Members welcome
Proposed Formats of Play:
Others Waiting: Play mini-set. No tiebreak. First to 4 (40,41,42,43) Wins.
No One Waiting: Same as above. Or play One No-Ad Set 40 minute limit. Then mix with others.
Please email other suggestions.

Oct 13 Social Prizes (tennis balls):
6 Contests. Deadline to enter them is Nov 1
1.Six cans to the player that plays with the most different players.
Please Email or 301-595-5744 to enter the
Most Different Players Contest.
[Number of different players in brackets]:
Entrants So Far:
1) AJ Tuckley [17]:

was there from 8:30am to 5:00pm
and thru the day, played over 11 sets
with at least 27 different players.
I do not know all their names.
From the photographs and some recollection:
Andrey, Aziz, Bhanu, BobJ, Cyril, DaveH,
DaveM, JimZ, June, LiChaun, Linda, LouJ,
Marlene, Michael, RichM, Sam, William
and many more.
2) Lisa Ingraham [14]:

Abigail, Ali, Betty, Iyang, Jeanette, June, KimC,
KipJ, Linda, Michael, Renee, Roberto, Sneha, William,
3) June Dea [11]:

AJ, Audrey, Bhanu, Chandra, Cyril, Kip,
Lisa, Marlene, Mike Wong, Roberto, Sam
4) Lou Janesko [8]:

5) Rich Majewski [3]:

2.Six cans to the players that hit the most volleys
(balls don't hit the ground. by time or count.)
while playing, warming up or waiting to play.
Please Email or 301-595-5744 to enter the
Most Volleys Contest.
[Number of volleys in brackets]:
Entrants So Far:
1) Michael Wong/Rich Majewski [52]
3.Six cans to be split by all players
that hit two service net lets (hits the net) in a row.
Please Email or 301-595-5744 to enter the
Two Service Lets: Entrants So Far: None
4.Fifteen cans to be split by all players
that hit three service net lets in a row.
Please Email or 301-595-5744 to enter the
Three Service Lets: Entrants So Far: None
5.One can to the person that ate the most veggie dogs between 8:00 am and 2:00 pm on Oct 13,2007. You didn't have to attend the social (We didn't even have veggie dogs at the social). Email your veggie dog count. Veggie dogs are much healthier for people and the planet and a more compassionate choice for the animals too! For more info, go here.
Most Veggie Dogs: Entrants So Far: None
6.Six empty cans will be recycled in honor of the person that did the best job of recycling. Like: Bring their own water in a reusable container and not use the bottled water that we bring to the social. Use the recycling containers that we bring to the social. Email your contribution.
Best Recycler Entrants So Far: None

Thank you,
6(*) did not play
  1. Joseph Ajayi
  2. Aziz Araji
  3. Boucha Araji*
  4. Reem Araji*
  5. Sami Araji*
  6. Amin Asbawa
  7. Gloria Baker
  8. Tom Baldino
  9. Kip Barbee
  10. Bob Bassett
  11. Audrey Binder
  12. Richard Blank
  13. Julian Boyce
  14. Fred Brewster
  15. Cyril Bright
  16. Julie Burns
  17. Jeanette Cartron
  18. Li-Chuan Chen
  19. Kim Crawley
  20. Danielle
  21. June Dea
  22. Robert Friedel
  23. George Gillian
  24. Sid Gottipamula
  25. Susan Greenwood
  26. Sonali Gunawardhana
  27. Lew Hale
  28. Jeff Herman
  29. Chris Holland
  30. Dave Huang
  31. Lisa Ingraham
  32. Inyang Isong
  33. Olivia Jackson
  34. Kip James
  35. Lou Janesko
  36. Yulan Jin
  37. Bob Johnson
  38. Renee Jones
  39. Hyder Lakhani
  40. Jerry Lang
  41. Rose Lee*
  42. Tiros Lee*
  43. Linda
  44. Jenny Liu
  45. Steve Liu
  46. Allen Lord
  47. Peter MacHarrie
  48. Rich Majewski
  49. Rohan Mandaiker
  50. Shawn Mandaiker
  51. Betty Miller
  52. Abigail Moffat
  53. Farshid Moghimi
  54. Ronnie Moncho
  55. Dave Mount
  56. Andrew Nicolosi*
  57. John Nicolosi
  58. Tim Norris
  59. John Oubre
  60. Carmena Parris
  61. Marlene Paucar
  62. Roberto Paucar
  63. Martin Prinz
  64. Glenn Racine
  65. Harry Raghu
  66. Sneha Raghu
  67. Bhanu Rajput
  68. Ravikamar Ramachandvan
  69. Chris Ratnayake
  70. Mike Schultz
  71. Sam Shaibani
  72. Dave Shenk
  73. Alex Sherman
  74. Siafa Sherman
  75. C. Stokes
  76. AJ Tuckley
  77. Elyse Vinitsky
  78. Don White
  79. Michael Wong
  80. William Wong
  81. Jim Zhang
If you have suggestions
for the next social,
please email, or 301-595-5744