Sorted                 1 1 1 Colesville Tennis Ladder
  by   6 6 7 7 8 9 9 0 1 1 December 8,2007 Social
  Nickname   0 3 0 4 2 0 4 2 0 3 Proposed Schedule
Nicname Real Name ntrp 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Last Updated: Saturday 1:30 pm
AJTuck AJ Tuckley 3.2     6a   4b 3a          
AlexC Alex Clem 3.3           5a 1b 2a     Another Format of 
AliLak Hyder Lakhani 3.0 3a 6b 5b 6a             of This Schedule
AsifM Asif Mirza 3.5     5a   1a 4a         (Click)
Bernard Bernard Harris 4.0 1b 4a   1a 6a          
Chandra C. Stokes 3.3 3a 1a   2a 6b           Please 301-595-5744 or
CliffH Cliff Hunte 3.5           1b 1a 2a
ClintR Clint Racine 2.4           x 1a 1b     requests for changes
CyrilB Cyril Bright 3.6         4a   2a 4a     and suggestions
Darryl Darryl Price 3.5           2a 6b 2b     or if you want to play more
DaveA Dave Abarbanel 3.6           4b 3a 4b 6A 6A than you are scheduled,
DaveM Dave Mount  3.5 1b 4b   4b 2a     3A 2A 2A  
DaveS Dave Shenk    3.5           2a 2a 6b      
DeanO Dean Ogata 3.0           6b 3b 2b    
DennisG Dennis Gotcher 3.0 5a 2b   6a 3a           Other Dec 8 Tennis:
DennisW Dennis Wilmeth 3.0 3b 3b 2b 3b             Tennis Center at College Park
DonnaGH DonnaGraham Harris 3.0 5a 5a 5b   6a           Social from 7-11 pm
DonW Don White 3.2     1b   6b 1a
Emmett Emmett Jordan 3.1     3a   3a 3b        
EvaM Eva Mortenson 3.0 4a 5b 3b 2b             About this schedule:
FabioS Fabio Saturni 3.5 6b 2a 4a 4a              
Farshid Farshid Moghimi 3.0 6a 3a 6b 5b             a's and b's after court numbers
GlennR Glenn Racine 3.5           1b x 1b     are recommended partners.
GnetC Jeanette Cartron 3.5 2a 5a 4b   4b           For example the two 6a's are
JeanRes Jean Restuccia 3.5 2b 4a   2a 2b            recommended partners
Jennefer Jennefer Garcia 3.5 4b 2a 4a 4a             at a particular time on court 6.
JerryJ Jerry Josties 3.5         3b   5a 6b      
JewelH Jewel Harmon 3.2         5b   1b 5a     Capital A and B means
JimT Jim Turner 3.0 5b 1b 2a 5a             signed up for extra play
JohnMcM John McManus 3.5 1a 6b 4b   2b          
JoyF Joy Faniyi 3.0 4a 5b 3b 2b             Please sign up for empty
JPaul Jean Paul 3.5       1a   1a 6b       slots at 10:20,11:00,11:30
JuneD June Dea 3.3           3b 4b 3b    
KarenG Karen Greenfield 3.0 3b 3b 2b 3b            
KenB Ken Bransford 3.5       6b   4a 2b       It's ok to
KevinD Kevin Detherage 3.5           6a 6a 6a     switch partners
KimW Kim Wonok 3.5         5a   4a 5b     if all 4 players agree.
KipJ Kip James 3.5         1a   5b 4a    
LiChen Li-Chaun Chen 3.0 2b 4b   4b 2a     3A 2A 2A It's ok to
LisaI Lisa Ingraham 3.0 4b 3a 5a   3b     1A 4A 4A trade players from court to court.
MelHow Melvin Howard 3.5           2b 2b 4b     if all players involved agree.
MelWms Melvin Williams 3.0           6a 6a 6a      
MichA Michele Adams 3.5       5b   5b 3b       Please arrive 15 minutes
MichCim Michele Cimbala 3.0           3a 3a 5b     before your start time,
MicWong Michael Wong 3.4 6a 6a 1a   1b           especially 6:00 starters.
MindaL Minda Lynch 3.0     3a   4a 5a          
PatB Pat Bransford 3.0       6b   5b 4a       Please turn in your scores for
PeterR Peter Regner 3.6       1b   2b 5a 3B     better scheduling next time.
Rajnish Rajnish Sinha 3.5       1b   6b 5b       if all players involved agree.
RohanM Rohan Mandaiker 2.5 6b 1a 6a 3a            
SamS Sam Shaibani 3.5     1b   1b 4b         At 11:00 pm
ShawnM Shawn Mandaiker 3.5 1a 2b 1a 3a             (or even better at 10:20)
TaffyT Taffy Turner 3.0 5b 1b 2a 5a             can we PLEASE try the
Tammy Tammy 3.5         5a   4b 5a     switch every 20 minutes
WilWong William Wong 3.2 2a 6a 6b   5b           Ladder Format?