Colesville Tennis Ladder
October 14-15,2006 Social

8:00 am - 2:00 pm
Directions: Click here .

3928 Greencastle Road
Please email or 301-595-5744
suggestions for next time.

Prizes (6 cans of tennis balls) to:

1.The player that plays with the most different players:
(Most Sociable)
Oct 14 - Lisa (11): Stan,Lou,June,George,BobB,Martin,
Oct 15 - Lisa (9): Larry,BobS,Carol,KipB,JimF?,RichM,MikeF,JimZ,Asif.
Total - - Lisa (20): add Oct 14 & Oct 15

2.The players that hit the most volleys in a row
while playing, warming up or waiting to play:

Nobody Played

3.The people that I forgot to thank?

Thanks, Kim,Dean,June,Susan,etc. for cleanup!
Thank you
19 Both Days

Kip Barbee
Richard Blank
Cyril Bright
Mike Chatman
Kim Crawley
June Dea
George Gillian
Donna GrahamHarris
Dave Huie
Lisa Ingraham
Kip James
Tiros Lee
Rich Majewski
Farshid Moghimi
Stan Okumura
Jean Paul
Michael Wong
Jim Zhang
* did not play

Thank you


and Rich

for these:
Thank you
17 Sat Only

Joseph Ajayi
Lois Beckford
Son Beckford
Bob Bradley
Gwen Brown
Inyang Isong
Lou Janesko
Rohan Mandaiker
Shawn Mandaiker
Betty Miller
Martin Prinz
Earl Pruce
Shyam Rao
Ed Tuchman
Francine Walden
James Wong
William Wong
Maria Young

Thank you
for your
Van, Table
and Drinks!
Thank You
22 Sun Only

Maderis Banks
Jose Bautista
Larry Bivins
Vernon Clayon
Brandon Clayton
Dwayne Clayton
Michael Fluharty
Carol Graham
Ernie Graham
David Huang
John Jodis
Charles Johnson
Asif Mirza
Andre Murray
*Dean Ogata
Pete Panetta
Austin Phaire
Daughter Shaibani
Sam Shaibani
Rajnish Sinha
Bob Smith
Susan Youll

Thank you
for the