Colesville Tennis Ladder - Feb 11,2006 Social Schedule - 6:00 pm - midnight - Fairland Bubble - 301-953-0030
Suggestions, Schedule Changes, etc. please email or call 301-595-5744.
Pink Background did NOT acknowledge their start time, level, nickname.
White Background DID acknowledge their start time, level, nickname.
Please email to confirm start time, level and nickname.
Please arrive and play at the times listed below.
Please arrive 15 minutes before your first session.
Click: Schedule. Grid.
Mansoor Ahmed Ahmed 3.5
Susanne Clawson Sue 3.0
George Gillian GeoG 3.5
Amy Harris Amy 3.0
Lisa Ingraham Lisa 2.7
Steve Klees StevK 3.0
Tae Kwon Tae 3.5
Anil Narang Anil 3.5
Peter Panetta Pete 3.5
Adam Rubinstein Adam 3.5
Michele Adams MichA 3.0
Karen Butler Karen 3.0
Li Chen Li 3.0
Michele Cimbala Cim 3.0
Kim Cousler Kim 3.5
Bernard Harris Bern 3.8
Donna Harris Donna 3.0
George Howard GeoH 3.8
Dave Mount Dave 3.5
Carmena Parris Carm 2.9
Barbara Smith Barb 3.0
Don White Don 3.5
June Dea June 3.0
Stan Fujii StanF 3.0
Janie Ma Janie3.07:00
Kevin Ho Kevin3.57:00
Brandon Clayton Brand 2.9
Vernon Clayton Vern 3.5
Joseph Ajayi Ajayi 2.9
Audrey Binder Audrey 3.0
Cyril Bright Cyril 3.5
Marilyn Decker Marilyn3.4
Kip James Kip 3.6
Masood Khan Khan 3.5
Tiros Lee Tiros 3.6
Asif Mirza Asif 3.5+
Barry Remley Barry 3.0
Sam Shaibani Sam 4.0
Larry Bivins Larry 3.0
Richard Blank RichB 3.0
Marcus ForresterMarcus3.5
Karl Haddad Karl 3.2
Laura Sherwood Laura 3.0
AJ Tuckley AJ 3.4
Emy Yap Emy 3.3
Jeanette CartronGnet 3.5
Steve Heckelman StevH3.6
Melvin Howard Mel 3.6
Cliff Hunte Cliff3.5
Lorin Kaneff Lorin3.0
Stanley Okumura StanO3.5
Shawn Pindell Shawn4.0
a.You should be scheduled for either 2 hours or 2 hours and 20 min of play. Please Check.
b.Check your court assignment and schedules so you don't arrive late for any session.
c.If all four players agree to switch partners, feel free to do so.
d.If you want to trade players from court to court, feel free to do so.
e.At the end of each session, you will hear a whistle.
f.Please turn in your scores.
g.* after Nickname means Extra Session beyond the two hours promised. But should these slots be reserved for players with the best W-L records? Or most Lopsided Sessions? Suggestions Wanted. A Lopsided Session is one where one team wins 80% or more of the games and the other team wins only 20% of the games. For example: 6-1, 0-6, 8-2.
Click: Schedule. Grid.