Emy Yap's Saturday Evening Social
Mar 26,2005 (this coming Saturday)
Changed from: Jan 22,2005
          to: Mar 26,2005
Because of: SNOW     
(not a CTL social, but CTL members welcome)
There are vacancies!
(A few players had to cancel)
Only $10!
Please contact Emy now!
7:00 pm - Midnight
Fairland Bubble

13950 Old Gunpowder Rd.
Laurel, MD 20707-3118
Emy Yap wrote:

Thanks for registering for the tennis social.  
Unfortunately, with the coming snow storm, 
I've had to reschedule it.  The next date that 
Fairland is available is March 26.  Please mark
your calendars and let me know if you are not 
able to attend.  Sorry about the disappointment. 

This is an excellent chance to play indoors 
for 2.25 hours for just $10.  
Plus there will be snacks and refreshments.

Some have chosen to come at 9:00 pm and play 
straight from 9:15 - midnight.  If anyone else 
would like to do that, please let me know ASAP.  
If anyone can not make it for any reason, please 
let me know ASAP or we will have an odd number 
and someone will not have a partner.

Please bring yourself water and a bag of chips 
or box of crackers to share.  I will have melted
cheese so nachos and tortilla chips would be wonderful.  
You may bring your own BEER but it must be in a 
can, NO BOTTLES allowed.  The beer must be consumed 
inside the bubble, not in the lounge area.  
I will have coolers with ice on hand, sodas, 
and other foods.  It will be lots of fun!
As of 11:00 am Wednesday 1/19, the 
Following signed up for Jan 22,2005:   
01.Mike Mitchell
02.Carolyn Mitchell
03.Donna Westervelt
04.Timothy Hirrel
05.Jim Healey
06.Rich Majewski 9pm
07.Tessa Thompson
08.Joanne Stine
09.Adil Hasan
10.Warren Gillette
11.Richard Pointon
12.Bernadette Maderplass
13.Toni Bluher
14.Chris Walters
15.Sue Gallagher 7:30
16.Jim Ferrera
17.Mike Fluharty
18.Gene Pierelli
19.Amy Gunning
20.Leila Maccarthy
21.Larry Olsen
22.Michael Petty
23.Dean Ogata
24.Lisa Ingraham
25.Suresh Kolpura
26.Abigail Mobit
27.Ronnie Moncho
28.Keith Haller
29.Mary Ryan
30.Toni Anderson
31.Pam Anderson
32.Joseph Ajayi 9pm
33.June Dea
34.Stan Fujii
35.Mike McCoy
36.Mary LaFratta
37.Lisa Rosenfeld
38.Sounjay Gairola
39.Jeanette Cartron
40.Franklin David 9pm
41.Sam Shaibani
42.Don White
43.Rajnish Singha 9pm
44.AJ Tuckley 9pm
45.Richard Wenger
46.Cyril Bright
47.Ben Mueller
48.Kelley Krohn

Driving Directions from Columbia, MD:
Route 95 South 
Exit to Route 198 going to Burtonsville.
Left at the second light at Old Gunpowder Rd.
Fairland is 1 mile on the right, parking in the rear.

Please bring your own water and a bag of chips or box
or crackers to share.  You may bring beer for yourself 
but it must be in a can.  No bottles.  You must drink 
the beer inside the bubble, not in the lounge area.  
(You will understand when you see Fairland).  
Sodas and other good eats will be furnished.

Contact: Emy Yap: 410-960-0866(cell) emyyap@msn.com