Colesville Tennis Ladder . . .Feb 12,2005 Social . . .    
  Fairland Bubble. . . Proposed Schedule  
  Sorry for being so late. . . Email and more information to follow . . .  
  Hopefully Friday morning . . .but what more info do we need?  
  Everybody is scheduled for three or four 40-min sessions.  
  We have courts 1,3,5 from 5pm-midnight. Courts 2,4,6 from 6pm-midnight.  
  The 6:00-6:20 sessions are used to get all 6 courts "in sync" at 6:20.  
  They can be used by players who start at 6:20 to warm up.  
  Players First Time Scheduled to Start is highlighted in blue.    
  Please arrive 15 minutes before your Starting Time.    
  Question or Suggestions: 301-595-5744  
  After you read this, please send your Starting Time to    
  or call 301-595-5744 so we know that you know your Starting Time,    
  especially if you start at 5:00 or 6:00.    
  Players highlighted in yellow have "checked in".    
  Court 1 Court 2 Court 3 Court 4 Court 5 Court 6    
    Jen Garcia   Sarah Feucht   Michele Cimbala    
  5:00-5:40 Fabio Saturni   Richard Wenger   Fred Brewster    
    Katherine Ross   Jen North   June Dea    
    Ken Jones   Don White   Stan Fujii    
    Ernie Stalder   Michele   Jen Garcia    
  5:40-6:20 Fabio   Ken Jones   Katherine    
    Fred   Jen North   Emy Yap    
    Sarah   Wenger   Kim Cousler    
  6:00-6:20   Jean Paul   Dave Mount   Audrey Binder  
  20 min warmup.   Edgar Rodriguez   Lisa Ingraham   Jeanette Cartron  
  Time enough for   Sam Shaibani   Carmena Parris   Elaine Kujawa  
  a tiebreaker?   Shawn Mandaiker Peter Regner Beth Mishev   Li-Chaun Chen  
    Dave M June Sarah Jean Paul Jeanette Audrey  
  6:20-7:00 Li Chen Sam S Peter R Fujii Lisa I Edgar R  
    Katherine Jen North Beth M Fred Carmena Elaine K  
    Stan O Shawn M Don White Wenger Michele Ken Jones  
    Farshid Moghimi Dace Klimanis Jen Garcia Yavar Moghimi Emy Yap Bernard Harris  
  7:00-7:40 Kim C John Klimanis Fabio Ann Wagner Esther Peter R  
    Donna Graham Harris Michele Cimbala Cyril Bright Lisa Ingraham Elaine K Ben Yee  
    Jerry Josties Siafa Sherman Bhanu Rajput Stalder Beth M Edgar R  
    Kim C Emy Yap Elaine K Jean Paul Dave M Nina Babel  
  7:40-8:20 Donna Fujii Brandon Clayton Carmena Bill Hahn Stan O  
    Li Chen June Jeanette Sam S Don White Beth M  
    Audrey Siafa Vernon Clayton Stalder Bernard Shawn M  
    Cyril B Carmena Dave M Ben Yee Elaine K Jerry  
  8:20-9:00 Yavar Peter R Li Chen Audrey Ann W Siafa  
    Farshid Dace K Shawn M Esther Lisa I John K  
    Edgar R Jeanette Bhanu Sam S Beth M Jean Paul  
    Joe Haggenmiller Dean Ogata Joseph Ajayi Bill Hahn Ernest Lacy Nina Babel  
  9:00-9:40 Anne-Marie Mehra Larry Bivins Ernie Graham Jean Paul Stephanie Foster Vernon  
    Chi Lui Darryl Fletcher Brandon Ben Yee John Klyap Donna  
    Mei Moy-Lui Bob Goldschmidt Sam S Stan O Mary Levinsohn Bernard  
    Klyap Larry Joe H Esther Bhanu Dean O  
  9:40-10:20 Mary L Jerry Graham Farshid Stephanie Ann W    
    Chi Yavar Lacy John K Dace K Darryl  
    Mei Bob G Cyril B Ajayi Anne-Marie Nina Babel  
    Joe H Ajayi   Klyap   Nina Babel  
  10:20-11:00 Graham Larry Bob G Vernon   Mei  
    Chi Darryl Dean O Bill Hahn   Anne-Marie  
    Lacy Stephanie Brandon     Mary L    
    Joe H Larry Anne-Marie Dean O Stephanie Ajayi  
  11:00-11:40 Bob G Bill Hahn Graham        
    Chi Darryl Klyap        
    Mei Lacy Mary L        
  20 min warm down.              
  Time enough for              
  another tiebreaker?