Outdoor Tennis Players Wanted

1) Go to Greencastle Rd in Burtonsville
any Sat. morning to meet new players.
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2) And/Or Enter Name, Level, Preferred Places and Times below: Colesville Tennis Ladder Sign UP
Wait List
Signed up so far
  18.gela naeni 3.0 dr_naenifard@yahoo.com near whiteflint metro station in rockville @7:30pm 2015/7/13
  17.JJ Nathan, Men's 3.5, 20904-10 mile radius, 202.742.6906, jjnathan@yahoo.com 2015/6/14
  16.Tin Luu, 3.5, Olney/Rockville/Gaithersburg/Germantown, mostly Sat AM, tinluu@gmail.com
  15.Jacqueline Rose 3.5 Prefer to play during the day during the week but can play anytime 443 864-5787
  14.Mark Peitzmeier (3.0), any time, doubles/singles/practice, Colesville area, 240-423-4823.
  13.Sam Lawhcharoen (3.5), lawhchar@yahoo.com, Wheaton Reginal, after 5:30 weekday.
  11.Yen Le contact Yennule@yahoo.com or 301 806-7375
  10.Yen Le, ( 3.0 - 3.5 ) Weekday eve. Wheaton's area.
   9.Alfred Sesay ( 3.5) 10:00 am weekdays amd weekends. 240-353-7208
   8.Robert Chandler rc_chandler@yahoo.com Olney Manor Rec. Park Sat-Sun AM Weekdays after 5:30PM
   7.Michael Rosenberg, mrosenberg700@verizon.net, 301-384-5889, Greencastle, any time
   6.peterswhang@yahoo.com 3.5-4.0 weekend mornings King Farm near Shady Grove metro, Rockville.
   5.mike g 3.5 rockville area (how do we contact you?)
   4.Julie Burns, juellsvern@hotmail.com 3.5, S or D, Fairland, Th. p.m. or Sundays
   3.Masood Khan; Greencastle Rd. at 8:00 A.M. 3.5
   2.woman (3.0) wanted for Wed/Fri morning doubles. Linda. ander.li@verizon.net
   1.Richard.Majewski@verizon.net 301-595-5744 8:00 am Saturdays Greencastle Rd Burtonsville