Indoor Winter Tennis

1) Go to Greencastle Rd in Burtonsville any Sat. morning to meet new players. More here.

2) Please send email or call 301-595-5744 if you would like to play indoor tennis
  this winter at the Fairland Bubble, Wheaton Bubble, Cabin John or other.

3) Or Enter Name, Level, Preferred Places and Times below: Colesville Tennis Ladder Sign UP
Wait List
Signed up so far
  72.Pamela Davis-Ghavami 3.0 wheaton/fairland
  71.JJ Nathan, 3.5 Men's, 20904+10 mile radius, T 202.742.6906, E 2015/6/14
  70.arora 2015/5/18
  69.Amy Harris 3.0 Wheaton Bubble flex Mon, Wed, wknds 301 585-1796
  68. Ati Ok, 3.5, Fairland/Weekend Afternoons
  67.Chung N. 4.0 Single/Wheaton/Weekend
  66.Hugo Molina, 3.0 , Greenbelt, Weekends/Weeknights
  65.Laura Marrero 2.5 - Wheaton-Silver Spring - Weekends/Weeknights -
  64.Glen Cordrey 3.4 Wheaton of Fairland Weekends/Weeknights
  63.Michael Hsu 3.6 saturday am
  62.Ron Berasa 4.5-- -- Winter Indoor Tennis
  61.Elizabeth Levie 3.0 Wheaton or Fairland Weekends/Weeknights
  60.Rodney Rector 3.0 / / Fairland / Sun day or eve
  59.christopher queen 3.5 @ - weekends & evenings
  58.Fairland Bubble Sundays 9-11am 3.0-4.0 players wanted -
  57.Clifton Wynter, 3.5, Fairland, weekends/weeknights
  56.Jeanette Cartron 3.5 Fairland mornings and evenings 410-465-3699
  55.Tina Young 3.5 Fairland Bubble (evenings and early AM weekends)
  54.67. Pharoah Garma 3.5F or 3.0F singles. Evenings after 7pm and Weekends.
  53.Brigitte Proctor 3.5 or 3.0 singles - Flexiable for time/day of play -
  52.Elaine.Kujawa 3.5+ weekday evenings
  51.James McNeal, 3.25-3.5, Fairland Bubble (evenings, weekends) singles and doubles
  50.Olubunmi Ogunsan, 3.5-5.0, Fairland Bubble,
  49.Shelena, 4.5, location open, Weekday evenings / weekends
  48.John Varghese, 3.0, Beltsville, Fairland, Location Open; Weekends -
  47.Robert S. Smith, 3.0, Evenings, Anytime, Live in DC, Work in Laurel
  46.Sam Lawhcharoen, 3.5, Wheaton, from 6pm on and weekend -
  45.Dan Fredman 3.0 - Columbia,Fairland,Wheaton - eve,wkend -
  44.Subodh Arora, Fairland Bubble, 4.0-5.0, Saturday mornings, weekday evenings-
  43.Glen Cordrey, 3.5, Fairland. Prefer singles. Weekdays 6-9, weekends
  42.Karen/ evenings at CJ/Weekends at Wheaton, Fairland or CJ
  41. phil harris, 3.0 B 202-271-9300 cell
  40.Carlos Esparza, 3.5, Fairland. Prefer singles. Weekdays 2-4 p.m.
  39.Rodney Rector, 3.0, Fairland or Wheaton, Sat or Sun Eve,
  38.Doug Lee, 4.0, Fairland Bubble, Saturday mornings
  37.Verlinda Willis 3.0 Thurs./or Fri. evenings/Fair.or Wheat,--
  36.Ellen Carter, (3.0), Fairland, Weekends anytime, Thursday or Friday evenings
  35.Derrick Graves 3.0 Fairland, Watkins weekday evenings
  34.Donna Graham-Harris, 3.0+, Fairland, Wheaton, Sat/Sun AM, Dbls (W or MX)
  33.Julie Burns, 3.5, S or D, Fairland, Th. p.m. or Sundays
  32.woman (3.0) wanted for Wed/Fri morning doubles. Linda.
  31.Jenny 3.0/Steve 3.5 mixed doubles, Wheaton Bubble, Weekday only,

Waiting List Above

  30.Alfred Sesay (3.5) can play weekends morning or evenings and Fridays any time ,at Fairland or Wheaton
  29.Jim Wang, 3.0, Any Places, Nights or Weekends,
  28.Jewel Harmon 3.2, mixed doubles Sundays Wheaton or Fairland, Cabin John okay too
  27.David Fenner, 4.0, Fairland, S preferred, Evenings/Weekends,
  26.Lee Goldberg, 3.0, S-D-hitting fine, weekends, Fairland OK until Wheaton reopens,
  25.Renee, 2.5+, Fairland, M-W-Th 5-9pm, ladies singles, doubles, or mixed
  24.Alex Clem--3.0-3.5--Wheaton--Tu/Th--10 a.m. to 5 p.m.--any D or S or
  23.Worku Seifu 3.0 Fairland
  22.Joel Soodak 4.0 weekdays or weekends 301 793-1733 or 301 443-4427
  21.Marilyn Decker 3.5 for Ladies Doubles, Singles ,or Mixed at Fairland ( )
  20.Contact Ned and Jackie Olney for mixed doubles 3.5/4.0 at Cabin John.
  19.Jackie and Ned Olney, 3.5/4.0 mixed doubles at Cabin John, W or Th after 8 pm
  18.David Abarbanel, 3.5, S/D, Fairland, weekdays 5:30pm and later, some weekends,
  17.Akash Hoque, 3.0, Fairland, M, Th, F evenings, weekends,
  16.Michele Cimbala 3.0 Fairland or Wheaton; weekends
  15.Kevin Horowitz/3.5/Fairland/5:30pm or later on the weekdays/10am or later on the weekends
  14.shelton d roberts wheaton friday moring , during the day or sat morning or whenever
  13.Stacy Moran, 3.5 singles, Fairland, M-F before/after work, weekends
  12.Laura Sherwood,2.5+,Wheaton,M-F 5-9
  11.Loan Tran, College Park
  10.John Liu, 3.0, Fairland, weekday evenings,
   9. Andrea Feeney, 2.5, Fairland & Wheaton, evenings,
   8.Lois Beckford 2.5, Fairland, Fridays, 7:30pm,
   7.Mr. Pat Yongpradit 3.0, Fairland or Wheaton. M,W,Th,F, Sat, Sun after 3 pm.
   6.Patricia Laney, 3.0, Almost any location, Tues, Thurs, Fri, 7-9 pm,
   5.Francine, 2.5, Fairland, Tues, Thurs, Fri & some weekends :
   4.Female 2.5, Wheaton or Cabin John, M,W,Th,Fri,Sun 4-9pm, sat a.m.
   3.Chris Ratnayake (any location, but will be away for some periods)
   2.Joseph Ajayi, 2.5s, Fairland Tuesdays 7-9pm
   1.Carol Graham 3.0 Fairland