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Plan RR2
(same as RR below but change every 22 minutes!)
(no limit on # of games played!)

Plan RR (Round Robin)
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For this weekend
Maybe we will try next weekend June 30-July 1.
Stay Tuned!

Saturday Weather Log:
7:30am Beltsville:
light sprinkling
7:20am Beltsville:
7:00am Greenbelt:
parking lot wet
but it's not raining.
6:00am Beltsville:
sidewalk & parking
lot wet but it's not

Doug Crawley (C or B),M
David Juppe (C) M
Tony Bigbee, C or very low B,M
Naheed Abbas,C(3.0),F
Chang Choi, B, M
Farshid Moghimi ,B,M
Cynthia Rapp B W
Heidi Barron BW
(8:45 too early)

Andrew Kennedy (A or B), M
(can't play til 11:15)
Kris Palakodety, A, M
(can't play Sun)
Faustino A
Whitley Quan, A, F

Rich Majewski (C or B),M

You can pay at

Braden Courts, Greenbelt

please email
Only 12 signed up and
they are of varying levels.
What should we do?
Please send email.

Plan A,B,RR,other?
How about a biathlon:
Plan A on Sat?
Plan RR on Sun?

Send (email)
or call 301-595-5744
to get on the Wait List
Plan A
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I don't like B
because 4 players get a
first round bye
Plan B
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