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Plan RR2
(same as RR below but change every 22 minutes!)
(no limit on # of games played!)

Plan RR (Round Robin)
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Only 12 signed up and
they are of varying levels.
What should we do?
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Plan A,B,RR,other?
How about a biathlon:
Plan A on Sat?
Plan RR on Sun?

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Signed up so far:
Greenbelt Tennis Ladder Tournaments
Doug Crawley (C or B),M
David Juppe (C) M
Tony Bigbee, C or very low B, men
Naheed Abbas,C(3.0),F
Chang Choi, B, M
Farshid Moghimi ,B,M
Cynthia Rapp B W
Heidi Barron BW
Andrew Kennedy (A or B), M
Kris Palakodety, A, M
Faustino A
Whitley Quan, A, F
Rich Majewski (C or B),M

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Braden Courts, Greenbelt

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Plan A
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I don't like B
because 4 players get a
first round bye
Plan B
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