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With 5 "ABC" teams the current plan is to have a Round Robin
starting at 9:30. Hopefully we will get a 6th and can have an even number RR.
But how many games/round 5,6,? How about 5?

Also because there are not too many players the tournament is Free for GTA members.

But membership is still $10 for Greenbelt residents and $20 for others: (more).

RR Grids: (5,6) Teams.

Braden Courts, Greenbelt

I'm not sure we can accommodate Kyle Okonah/Brian Fink A since they can't play until after 5 pm.

The 5 proposed ABC's are:
Joseph Lyu/Akos Bender
Stan Zirkin/Jim Harbaugh
Lars Schimmelpfennig/Jay Maddux
Tayvon Lassiter/Phillip Stokes
Dean Ogata/Rich Majewski

It would be nice to have a 6th team

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Judy/Paul Cocchiaro

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