Saturday June 4,2016 Round Robin

Standings (games won out of a possible 30):
1 (24) Tayvon Lassiter/Phillip Stokes
2 (20) Judy/Paul Cocchiaro
3 (18) Stan Zirkin/Jim Harbaugh
4 (13) Joseph Lyu/Akos Bender
5 (10) Dean Ogata/Rich Majewski
6 (05) Lars Schimmelpfennig/Jay Maddux

Tayvon/Phillip > Judy/Paul 4-2 in the Top Two Finishers Championship Match

Scores Details: ( Written , Grid )

Not enough players of the same levels signed up to have a "real" tournament so we had a Round Robin from ~9:30~12:15.

Proceeds to benefit the purchase and installation of memorial plaques for GTA members

Questions/Suggestions/Corrections: please email or 301-595-5744

We had 6 teams, an even number, thanks to Judy & Paul who showed up at the last minute. So there were no sit-outs. We played 6 no-ad games per round.

Because there are not too many players and there were varying levels of players the tournament was Free for GTA members.

But membership was still $10 for Greenbelt residents and $20 for others: (more).

Thank you, Directors Sandy Cooke & Jay Maddux