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Braden Courts, Greenbelt
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(last updated Sun July 31 3:00 pm)
Saturday July 30,2016
Round Robin Results

Women games won out of 24 (details)
1.Elaine Kujawa - 18
2.Sri Pratima Nandamuri - 14
3.Mia Douglas - 10
4.Terry Henderson 6

Men games won out of 25 (details)
1.Faustino Sanchez - 24
2.Joseph Lyu 17*Joseph won head-to-head tiebreak 3-2 vs Rich
3.Rich Majewski 17*
4.Roberto Paucar - 8
5.Premraj Rajkumar - 6
6.Dean Ogata 3

Men's A Final Sunday
Kevin Murphy: who couldn't play Sat
vs Faustino Sanchez: Sat winner
Faustino won 6-4,6-3

All 10 players (4 Women, 6 Men) were to start at 9:00 am but most players didn't start until around 9:25

The 4 women played 3 rounds
of 8 no-ad games per round.

The 6 men played 5 rounds
of 5 no-ad games per round.

The total # of games determined the winners.

Directors were Jacquie Rose and Terry Henderson
Court side phone is 240-601-0364.

Prizes: choices between t-shirts, trophies, and cans of balls.