David Craig Memorial
Doubles Tournament
September 27-28

In 1984, a train struck David Craig's car at the Sunnyside and Beltsville train crossing, ending the life of the popular Eleanor Roosevelt High School graduate 79. Since Craig died, his friends have continued to raise funds in his name for an Eleanor Roosevelt High School senior. A non-traditional scholarship, The David Craig Memorial Scholarship Fund gives seniors with Craig-like attitudes points. Their motto is "Well Rounded - Well Rewarded."

Registration needed by noon Wednesday Sept 24
No Partner? No problem, we will match you up as we are able

Matches will be scheduled 8:00am 5:00pm Saturday and Sunday.
Match format: Single Elimination,
regular scoring, with consolation round
(the format might change depending on # of players)

$10 GTA members, $20 non-members
You can pay gta@greenbelt.com at paypal.com
All proceeds will be donated to the
David Craig Memorial Scholarship Fund
Round Robin
9am Saturday:

Julie Gerhardt/Bruce Biederman
Leslie Winston/John Rastatter
Elaine Kujawa/Danny Weaver
Pam Fuller/Vernon Clayton
Monique Graves/Melvin Howard
Kim Kweder/Joseph Lyu

Everybody play 7 no-ad games
against the other 5?

Sign up below
or (email) or 301.345.1014

* Please specify your preferred level & category, though we usually have to make combinations *

Levels: A(3.5-up), B(3.0-3.5), C(2.0-2.5)

Doubles Have Partner
Colesville Tennis Ladder Sign UP

Enter Two NameS,
Average Level,
Category above
Signed up so far:
   5.Pam Fuller/Monique Graves 3.5
   4.Julie Gerhardt/Greg Gerhardt X
   3.Vernon Clayton/Melvin Howard A
   2.John Rastatter/Leslie Winston X
   1.Danny Weaver/Greg Gerhardt A

Doubles Need Partner Colesville Tennis Ladder Sign UP

Enter Name,Level,Category above
Signed up so far:
   6.Elaine Kujawa
   5.Kim Kweder, X
   4.Terry Henderson C, WorX
   3.Rich Majewski B M|X
   2.Joseph C.-H. Lyu, A, M
   1.Danny Weaver A X