We thought courts
would be wet
and they were.
So the new date was
Sunday Sep 3

Greenbriar Tennis Courts(5)

Directions using GoogleMaps.com)

About 25 attended

The back 2 courts
were a little slimy
and I don't think
anybody played on them.

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  24.Mike Sc
  22.Chandra S
  21.Jim Hb
  20.Farshid M
  19.Joseph L
  18.Clay G
  17.David H
  16.Richard B's son
  15.Richard B
  14.Nellie L
* 11am 4/5 courts playable and in use.
* 9:30 2 or 3 courts are playable
* 8:45 Courts are wet.
* May be dry at 10:00 or 10:30
  13.John Dixon
  12.Robert Mason
  11.Loistene Lassiter Mason
  10.Pete Panetta
   9.justin rose
   8.greasy valv
   7.Jacqueline Rose
   6.stan zirkin
   5.Bhanu Rajput
   4.Rich Majewski 3.0 8:30