Start your Labor Day Weekend
festivities in Greenbelt East
by playing Doubles Tennis at the annual

Greenbelt Tennis Association
Labor Day Weekend
Tennis Social
Saturday September 3,2011
8:00 am to 2:00 pm

Greenbriar Condominium
Tennis Courts(5)
7600 Hanover Parkway
Greenbelt, MD

The social was hosted at the
Greenbriar Condominium Association
Tennis Courts in Greenbelt East.

NOT Braden Field   in Greenbelt.
NOT Greencastle Rd in Burtonsville.

( Directions )

$5 for non-members
FREE for GTA members

Membership is $10 for the
rest of the 2011 season
(until March 31,2012)
or $15 until March 31,2013!

We'll provide snacks & drinks but
you can bring your own to share.

Just show up or pre-register
to let us know what
time you want to play

Greenbriar has a
volleyball court,
horseshoe pit and
swimming pool($6)
that we can use.
email or

or enter below
if there are errors
or omissions:
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Please Enter Name, Level and
Preferred Starting Time above
Probably Attended:
  53.Bob ?last name?
  52.Terence ?last name?
  51.Lexi ?last name?
  50.Staci ?last name?
  49.Tony Adams 4.0
  48.daughter Adams
  47.Mrs Adams
*Joseph Ajayi
  46.Tom Baldino 4.0 8:00
*Bobby Bassett
  45.Rhonda Benthall
  44.Richard Blank 8:33 (5.8)
  43.Richard Blanks friend
  42.Cameron Byrd 4.0 10:00
  41.Tony Carey 3.5 9:00
  40.Mike Chatman
  39.Nicol Christie?
  38.David Cockrell
  37.Sandy Cooke?
  36.June Dea
  35.Michael Do
  34.Stan Fujii
  33.George Gillian 3.0
  32.Clay Gillis
  31.Adel Gorden
  30.Daniel Gray
  29.Eliza Green? 3.5
  28.Lew Hale
  27.Bob Hartranft
  26.Cynthia Jones 2.5 9:30
  25.Emmett Jordan
  24.Corny Kennedy 8:00
  23.Patrick Kennedy 8:00
  22.Natalia Kovalskaya 3.0 10:00 AM
  21.Loistene Lassiter
  20.Allen Lord 3.0 8:00
*Nellie Lowe
  19.Rich Majewski 3.2 8:00
  18.Robert Mason
  17.Gina Masterson Guest
  16.Gina Masterson
  15.Errol Mazursky
  14.Tim Norris 3.0 10:00
  13.Stan Okumura 8:00 3.5
  12.Marlene Paucar
  11.Roberto Paucar
  10.Rodney Rector 3.5 9:00
   9.Terri Rutledge
   8.Worku Seifu
   7.Linda Showlund
   6.Peter Simpson 3.5 10:00
   5.Floyd Stecker 3.2 9:00
   4.Chandra Stokes 3.5 9:30am
*Peleg Tal
   3.Danny Weaver
   2.Bill Wilkerson
   1.Stan Zirkin 3.2 8:00