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Today is 1/19/2018
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10/12 ##.QFVBAtuTWEkRVOdgf > ##.hLKBAnoOHvYvL IuztVHEBGXbWIcqKuWT
9/8 02.Rich Majewski > 03.Joseph Lyu 63,75
date winnerrunner-upscore
7/08 02.Rich Majewski NR.Farshid Moghimi 62,61
7/07 02.Rich Majewski NR.Joseph Lyu 75,61
6/13 NR.George Kaleyias NR.Rich Majewski 62,61


Players that don't play a match during a particular month
(Apr/May,Jun,Jul,Aug,Sep) will be dropped to the bottom.
But you can work your way back up during the next month.
Apr/May count as one month.

Blue played a July Match
Open Singles Ladder
NR=Not Rated
  (did not play a match yet)  
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Rank Name
Home Phonecell phone
01.George Kaleyias(3.5) (email)
02.Rich Majewski(3.2) (email)
03.Joseph Lyu (email)
04.Farshid Moghimi (email)
NR.Bill Murray (email)
Total 3-3    
Womens Singles Ladder
NR=Not Rated
  (did not play a match yet)  
Rank Name
Home Phonecell phone
NR.Terry Henderson(2.7) (email)   301.345.1014240.601.0364
NR.Linda Showlund(2.5) (email)     301.367.2548
NR.Kaye Coleman(3.0) (email)   202-582-2943407-463-8447
NR.Sandra Cooke(3.0) (email)   202.582.2943407.463.8447
NR.Loistene Lassiter(3.5) (email)   301.617.9325301.943.4694
NR.Mary Ellen Venzke(2.0) (email)   301-237-2541301.552.8437
NR.Ellen Carter(3.0) (email)     202-256-9300
NR.Nicole Mehmedovich(3.0)(email)     240-643-9199
NR.Jennifer Murray(3.0) (email)     413-427-2825
Total 0-0   
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Last Year's (2016) Standings.