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Today is 4/16/2021
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date winnerrunner-upscore
9/1504.Joseph Lyu 03.Rich Majewski75,46,10
6/2906.RS Venkatachalam02.Rich Majewski62,62
6/27 02.Rich Majewski 03.Joseph Lyu 46,64,10


Players that don't play a match during a particular month
(Apr/May,Jun,Jul,Aug,Sep) will be dropped to the bottom.
But you can work your way back up during the next month.
Apr/May count as one month.

2019 Standings
Last Updated 8/11/2019
Blue played a Sept 2019 match
Open Singles Ladder
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Rank Name
Home Phonecell phone
01.Clever Salazar(3.5) (email)
02.RS Venkatachalam (email)
03.Joseph Lyu (email)
04.Rich Majewski(3.0) (email)
301.595.5744 301.785.0826
05.Farshid Moghimi (email)
06.Bill Murray (email)
Total 3-3    
Womens Singles Ladder
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Ladder runs from April 1 - September 30
Last Year's (2018) Standings.